Cactus Desert Window CleaningCactus Desert Window Cleaning

Some Words About us

Cactus Desert Window Cleaning, llc brings you over 15 years of experience.   Family owned and operated. James brings his expert knowledge in the trade that he first learned right here in the Valley of the Sun from an established contractor who taught him how to clean windows and other general labor.  He was naturally drawn to the window cleaning trade because of the amazing transformation he was able to execute with a mop and squeegee.  From dirty windows to a completely satisfied customer.  Cleaning windows was a great trade he was able to master and teach others how to do as well.  He crossed paths with his future wife Aymee who is a Personal Trainer and exercise Guru since 2009. Aymee brings her expert knowledge in body mechanics to train and teach their team how to work safely and increase longevity in their team.  From a more personal field of  working with clients she has developed and established an outstanding brand voice bringing outstanding service and giving each client an amazing service. Together they are what makes Cactus Desert Window Cleaning, LLC unique to the industry of window cleaning and setting the standard for top quality service.
“We don’t just clean windows but really have a passion for providing top quality service to Maricopa County.  We only pick like minded individuals to join us in transforming your home or space.  Loving what we do is what makes us different than any other company in the valley .

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